Thursday, May 10, 2012

In Remembrance

To my first grade teacher, Mrs. Price, I love you.

To all the girls at my 6-oclock, sorry i didn't turn around, I'm shy.

To the guys that sit in front of me, i'm not trying to play footsy, I just have long legs.

To the girls that sit in front of me, I know you like it.

To the kid that eats lunch by him-self, I feel your pain.

To my little brother, sorry that i'm growing up. One day you will too.

To the man that made Vans, my feet say tanks.

To the Ass Hole cop that pulled me over, I know you secret.

To my first dog, you are definitely in a better place.

To Norris Cole, your the best.

To the T.V, I hate that I love you so much.

To Chase Hansen, I hate that I love you so much.

To the NFL, you suck.

To the NBA, thanks for giving the gangsters something to do.

To my wife, you are one lucky women.

To myself, be the best.

favorite movie

as a kid i was simba. ROAR

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Reading Rainbow

I used all my creative skills on the first post. Yup that's all the creativeness I got.

Only The Best

  • 21 years of age 
  • African American 
  • Gang Affiliated 
  • Lives In Provo Ut.
One day while walking on BYU campus a women walks up to him, in tears, she screams for help. He looks and two males are running away. He has an opportunity to become someone he isn't, a hero. Instead of a thug, a man. Instead of pantyhose over his head, he will become a masked vigilante. His gang peers drive up to him.

Will he get into the car?
Chase down the males?

Finish the story in a comment, pick a decision and elaborate!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Haven't Been Riding My Horse (Ode To My Blog)

My horse is chillin in it's stable right now, like is has been for the past month or so.
I walk by it unnoticed and unaware that it is there.
I walk by it like it is camouflaged into the stable.

My horse is in need of a ride right now, but when I ride him he bucks and a fall off so
I walk by him again afraid to ride
I walk by him again to worried about myself

My horse is feeling really lonely right now, but the truth is so am I.
I walk by and feel that this is what i need to do
I walk by and feel that this is unreal for two.

Now that I am urging to ride, I fall.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Attend Church Only For The Right Reasons 
My friend is church
I enjoy church,
Like a couple to drunk to walk.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Just In

Sign up to be my roommate! Here are some requirements:
1.      Must have a sexy girlfriend for the following reasons, A) To make sure you are not homosexual, not saying there is something wrong with them either. B) So you don’t hit on my sexy girlfriend, even though she is already much sexier then yours.
2.      The Cant’s:
a.       Eat spaghettio’s, they stink like hell.
b.      Have an annoying
                                                                                      i.      Face
                                                                                    ii.      Voice
                                                                                  iii.      Haircut
                                                                                  iv.      Sexy girlfriend
                                                                                    v.      Car
3.      Must be a middle class citizen, with a middle class budget, with a middle class sexy girlfriend. I don’t want to here your “Mow Money, Mow Problems,” shit. I am broke kay, so that be a negative.
4.      Make sure that you are well groomed and don’t stink. I hate stinky people, they  are freaks, and they don’t have sexy girlfriends.

Just a little side note, a roommate is like a wing-man, they always have each other’s back. Don’t be a hoe bag and think that you are better than me, first of all you’re not, and secondly you signed up to be my roommate! Fool!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Okay I'm sitting on a chair writing this. I am listening to Work Out by J Cole. Mmm it sounds soo sweet in my ears. “take a chance roll the dice. . .” wow so my bracket isn’t doing so good, but I think yours is either soo suck it. Since Nelson told us about just writing randomly, I decided to try it, but I don’t think it is going to be readable to my followers. Ive been watching walking dead lately, so good. I have been in a scary mood lately, craving the fear, I should just go get a girlfriend HAha HAha. But I bored and this took me a good 30 min. to write that’s good enough, p.s if you read this umm, #nolife

I Told You

Every Sunday greatness is turned in.

Every Monday I cry, I read yours then read my mine, then I cry.

But when Monday come around again, so does my tears.

Why is this?

I want to tell you to stop, but I don’t. I want to keep reading. I want to get better.

And I do!

But I guess so do you, because every Monday it is the same.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Waiting For The Morning

It takes a lot to wake up in the morning, waiting for the rest of the day to happen.
Knowing that its all the same, and nothing can feel the pain that I am feeling, but this blog I am writing, showing more emotion the I.
My ways, can never be changed. I walk away from the past, the only way I know how to be better than the rest. But while I am heading to be the best, I’m heading like the rest into the hole of shame, but nobodies to blame because we are all the same, walking away from the past trying be the best.

Because the music’s my savior
And no one can take my pain
Except for this paper.
The page flow like rain
As soon as I wake up
I'm going to change my ways